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Great Workers Comp Attorney
I hired Tim English to handle my stalled Workers Comp case (18 months on appeal) and he brought it to a successful settlement within a few weeks. I wish I had hired him a lot sooner. I highly recommend him, he’s highly professional and knowledgeable, and so very nice to work with.


Tim is an excellent attorney that will help you with any of your Workers compensation questions and needs. He will explain the whole process and help every step of the way giving you confidence you are being taken care of. He is very responsive, friendly, and helpful. I had a great experience working with him through my workers compensation case and strongly recommend him to anyone thinking about retaining a workers compensation attorney.


Awesome representation
Marc S. Wiesner did a great job representing me and got me the medical attention I needed when workers comp failed me. I was able to get to see the doctors I needed because of Marc and eventually got a good settlement. If it wasn’t for Marc S Wiesner I don’t know what would have happened. Thanks Marc S Wiesner awesome job. If you need representation Marc S Wiesner is the attorney is the one you need.


Marc was so informative over my phone consult. He was so knowledgeable and didn’t hesitate in answering any of my questions or concerns. If I ever have a issue in the future I will reach out to him. He was able to explain things simply to me when I was very unfamiliar with topics.


I can not express enough how grateful I am to have been represented by Tim English for my worker’s comp claim. Tim is an excellent lawyer who truly looks out for his clients and I really appreciated how caring and responsive Tim was by always keeping me up to date with how my case was proceeding plus take the time I needed if I had any questions. He also got me a great settlement so if anyone needs representation do not hesitate to call and talk to Tim because I know you will be very happy that you did 🙂


Tim was an excellent lawyer and did all that he could to make my situation a bit easier to bare. He provided all the updates and was quick to respond when I had questions or concerns. He offered all his experience so that we could come up with the best decision for our case.


Tim educated me on all the rights and laws about workman’s compensation then followed through by staying on top of every detail keeping me informed of every development with the case all the while keeping my best interests in mind then negotiating a settlement above what i expected. I highly recommend Tim as a Attorney, Thanks Tim.


Excellent Attorney
I highly recommend Tim W. English and his team for their exceptional professionalism, dedication, and expertise in handling our case. From the very beginning until the final resolution, Tim has consistently gone above and beyond to provide outstanding legal representation with kindness, empathy, and unwavering integrity. Tim’s ability to educate and inform us about the best course of action allowed us to make informed decisions throughout the process. His genuine care for his clients is evident in his continuous follow-up and support, ensuring that we felt heard and understood every step of the way. One of the standout qualities of Tim’s service was his meticulous attention to detail in finding the most qualified doctors, facilities, and even interpreters to help us understand complex legal terminology in our native language. This level of dedication truly sets him apart. We are immensely grateful for Tim’s amazing work and the results he achieved on our behalf. If you are seeking an attorney who is not only honest and trustworthy but also goes the extra mile to ensure the best outcome, we wholeheartedly encourage you to reach out to Tim and his exceptional team. Their expertise and commitment will undoubtedly guide you through your legal journey with utmost professionalism.


The best lawyer I’ve ever known.
Once again thank you so much for all your help I always will be grateful that you help me you are a good lawyer God put you in my life I didn’t know what to do and I start looking the Google God bless you.


Awesome Worker’s Comp. Lawyer
Tim English is an Exceptional Worker’s Comp. Lawyer who goes above and beyond. He is knowledgeable and quick responsive when I had questions. I am very grateful for your passion, dedication and professionalism. Thank you Tim for the Excellent work with my case.


ONLY Workers Comp attorney you’ll need
ONLY Workers Comp attorney that works for YOU! Past attorneys only meet to sign you and at the end to collect their money. Mr. English took my case from another such attorney. He immediately contacted me, introduced himself and brought me up to speed on my case. The laws in Caifornia have changed significantly. Throughout the time with him he was in frequent contact with me by email, phone when needed and answered ALL my questions in a timely manner. Choose Mr. English. You won’t regret it!


The Best
Tim was the only workers comp attorney that gave me the time of day when the pandemic first hit. While attorneys were waiting for the onslaught of covid cases to come piling in, I was trying to navigate a biological/chemical exposure case that nearly killed me. I was pushed off by attorney after attorney except for Tim who took my call immediately and was in my corner till a settlement was reached. Tim was an advocate for me when I was reduce to nearly nothing and he constantly treated me with respect and dignity. His knowledge and insight of the system were invaluable and he approached every interaction with me with calm, collaboration and empathy. Simply put, Tim helped me ensure a future for myself when my former employer would have preferred to sweep me under a rug. Professionals and more importantly, human beings, like this do not come around often.


Successful Settlement
I was being denied care for my work injuries for a period of time. Then I found Mr. English and I was able to get the proper treatment. He helped with getting accurate assessments for my injuries, proper care and treatment that I was seeking, and I finally had someone that had my best interest at heart. Mr English was responsive to my concerns and needs throughout the whole process. He was professional and made me feel comfortable and I finally felt that someone was on my side. His team went over and beyond to seek the medical care I needed to overcome my injury, with having two surgeries on my hip, if it wasn’t for Mr. English and his team I would not have received the proper diagnoses, treatment, or care to properly recover. I would like to thank Mr. English for all his hard work, dedication, passion and knowledge of the justice system in helping me with the outcome of my case.


Tim is awesome
Tim handled my wife’s case and did an excellent job for her, we could not be happier. We would recommend him to anyone who needs help with the case


I found Tim on Avvo and reached out after a work injury wasn’t being handled appropriately by my WC doctor. His paralegal was very nice and took the time to listen to my story before setting me up with an appointment to meet with Tim promptly. Tim also took the time to listen to my story and was very sympathetic to my situation, having also suffered from an injury himself. He was friendly, easily accessible and easy to work with through my entire case. He’s very knowledgeable and prompt. He never hesitated to take time to explain things in a way I could understand and I never felt like he was rushing me. I very much appreciated his patience. He always let me know what to expect next and we eventually had a favorable outcome. I highly recommend Tim and am very pleased to have chosen him to represent me.


Tim was amazing throughout the entire process! He answered calls or emails almost immediately and was always there for any questions I had.


Tim English represented me with my Worker’s Comp. case. I got injured at work and needed surgery on my right elbow. Trying to recover from the surgery, workers comp. gave me a difficult time. They return me to work with inadequate recovery time. had the worse worker’s comp. Medical Doctor assign to me for my injured elbow. Workers Comp gave me inappropriate rate pay benefits. I was stressed out, frustrated and very overwhelmed dealing with Worker’s Comp. I found Tim English (Worker’s Compensation Lawyer) who listen to my situation and I was very thankful he took my case. Tim answered ALL my questions he exceed my expectations with his support. He is honest and very transparent how my case would outcome. Tim fought for me to get my full wages that I lost from Worker’s Comp. Benefit. He found the proper Medical doctor that will provide the best medical treatment for my injury. TIM ENGLISH IS THE VERY BEST WORKER’S COMP LAWYER and would 100% recommended him. Tim is dedicated, diligent and striving. I could not had won my case without Tim. THANK YOU TIM, YOU ARE THE BEST!!


Marc Wiesner was referred to me by a family friend, and I could not be happier with the way he represented me in my Workers Comp case against a big-brand global coffee company. I tried to handle my case on my own for the first few months. Before seeking Marc’s help, I was overwhelmed with the amount of communication and correspondence between the adjuster, nurse case manager, and others involved.

Marc stepped in to handle all the legal and administrative matters, and made sure I had the opportunity to receive all the proper and necessary treatment for my injury. I never felt out of the loop throughout the entire process of my case, as he would always shoot me an email whenever there was an update to report on. Marc always presented me with all my options whenever decisions needed to be made, and was very straightforward and honest when I would ask what would be best in my particular situation.

Do not try to manage your case on your own. If you’re looking for legal representation in your workers comp case, and your goal is to focus on your injury so you can get back to a healthy state, Marc and his team at Wiesner English will facilitate the process to make sure you get the treatment you need, while also negotiate for the compensation you deserve.


Excellent Lawyer
I can say that i would recommend Tim to anyone who is dealing with horrible Insurance Companies that are trying to do everything but not be responsible for their employees. Tim didn’t represent me but he gave me advice and helped me through the most stressful times. Please call Tim or email he respond immediately and even do he doesn’t represent you he keeps in touch how everything is going.So Thank You Tim.


No Regrets
“Wow” i called Tim due to i was so worried about my case that was pending with workercomp Mr. English was so helpful he immedately begun to assist me. He took the time to explain everything. I have yet to meet an attorney that really has there clients best interest at heart. I wasn’t even his client but he didn’t waste anytime trying to help me. He was respecful, very professional, and above everything very knowledgeable. I would recomend him to anyone seeking legal assistance. Thank you Mr English, i appreciate all your help. You deserve 5 stars easy. God bless you Sir, and your lovely family. If you want a trusth worthy attorney do yourself a favor dont pass up Mr. English he really is top rated.


Law Offices of Bo Katzakian
I would like to thank both Bo and Marc for their professionalism and support throughout this process. The insurance company would not co operate at all when seeking proper medical treatment. So glad I found this law firm . Marc Wiesner is a true professional and always has your best interest in mind. So unbelievably satisfied with settlement results! Thanks so much for expediting my case in an efficient and timely matter Marc.


Law offices of Bo Katzakian /Marc Weisner
I would like to Thank Marc and Bo for all their help in regards to my Workers Comp claim. They were very assertive, explained every detail to me every step of the way ,always returned any phone calls or responded via email if i had any questions they had an answer ( even on the weekends) they are very knowledgeable and professional . Bo and Marc both worked very hard to be sure and get me a fair settlement. I would highly recommend The Law offices of Bo Katzakian for any of your Workers Comp claims and or needs.


Tim was my representative. He came in and helped me greatly through my case. He helped speed things along and helped me through this very difficult process. He was quick to respond to any and all questions I had, and was always very professional, thorough, and polite. He always came across very compassionate and thoughtful which was greatly welcomed when trying to navigate the workers compensation process. I believe Tim and his team fought hard for my best interests, and worked to get a favorable decision. I would like to thank Tim and his team for fighting for me, and helping me get through this case. 5 stars all across the board. I highly recommend him and his team.


i had the great fortune of having the Wiesner English firm represent me in my worker comp case. tim english was absolutely outstanding, caring, knowledgeable and professional. his partner marc wieser has my complete confidence as well. these are very skilled attorneys and great communicators. my calls and emails were always answered in a timely fashion. they helped make the best of a bad situation and got me excellant healthcare and ensured i got treated fairly by the insurance comany. i highly recommend using their services.


Wiesner English pretty good lawyer. Marc Wiesner was helpful for the most part. I would absolutely recommend Wiesner English if you need a lawyer.


Tim helped me with a case we where fighting for two years. He was always helpful and whenever I had a question and I had a ton he always answered in a timely fashion. I’m glad with the outcome of my case. Highly recommend.


Tim helped my family and I with our Workers Compensation death claim after my father’s passing. He’s very knowledgeable, personable and committed to his work. He answered all our questions in a timely manner and ensured that all our concerns were heard. We got a really good settlement, thanks to Tim’s dedication and hard work.

R M.

Mr. Marc was very informative and empathetic during my consultation. He gave enough information to clarify any confusions that I have and provided many options for me to consider before taking the next step. Overall, It’ was a very pleasant meeting. I would highly recommend the Wiesner English law firm to anyone seeking any workers compensation related case.


Best injury lawyer around
Tim is by far the best injury lawyer in Northern California he’s been my lawyer for 5 yrs and is always there to answer any questions I had and alway kept me up to date on everything in my case thanks for everything


Best attorney ever!!
Highly recommended! Tim English is the best wage claim / mis-classification attorney I’ve had the privilege to retain. He is absolutely reliable and highly knowledgeable about wage and hour laws. Beyond his unparalleled attention to details, Tim brings expertise and has a mind towards issue resolution. His confidence is contagious. His mindset brings clarity and methodology to any chaotic situation. My experience with Tim far exceeded all my expectations!!


He has quite literally helped change my life for the better! He’s fought tirelessly for me during my work comp process to get me the best/effective care possible while fighting for what I deserve so that I could settle my case and get my life back. I’m so truly lucky & grateful for having called this Law Office and I highly recommend them to everyone needing help with a work comp claim!


Highest praise for Tim English
Tim has been a great resource advising me through the web of my work comp case. Tim has always provided answers to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone needing work comp guidance.


Extremely knowledgeable, personable and responsive Attorney.
Excellent attorney! Tim knows the workers compensation process in California better than any other attorney I interviewed. He knows all the key players in the process and can guide you smoothly through very confusing system to get you the settlement you deserve, as he did with my case. Being my first time through the broken WC process, I was very fortunate that Tim was there to guide me through it all.


I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Marc Wiesner at the law office of Bo Katsakian. I was involved in a very long, drawn-out worker’s comp case. Marc was always kind and suppotive, especially when I thought all of this would never be over. He negotiated a fair settlement and I am now able to get on with my life. A word of advice. Don’t try to negotiate the worker’s comp system by yourself. It is imperative that you have outstanding legal representation. I know that anyone who has Marc represent them will have that outstanding legal representation. I can’t thank Marc enough for getting me through this most difficult time.


Marc i thank you for speedy, on the spot responses to all of the concerns and questions i have had over the three years of my case.


Outstanding Legal Help, excellent job by Marc S. Wiesner and Bo Katzakian
From day one they handled my case to the day the judge signed and approved the settlement I have been updated with all the progress of the my case. I appreciated all the efforts made in my behalf by Marc and Atty Bo’s representation with this case. I definitely recommend this Law Office of Bo Katzakian to handle workplace injury cases. Thank you Marc, keep up the good work.


Outstanding ,VeryExcellent Professionalism,
I thank the day i was been referred by my husband co worker to Atty Marc S . Wiesner /Law offices of Atty .Bo Katzakian. From the time my case was taken cared in their office i was able to get proper medical , surgical and physical therapy treatment and workers comp needs.I Highly Recommend Atty Marc Wiesner and their office for the very kind , caring , professional supportive and respectful law firm ..Thank you very much for all your help.. Injured like me don’t be on your self Atty Marc Wiesner / Law offices very dedicated .


Great Attorney knowledgeable and Responsive
I contacted a few Law offices before and then one day a friend recommend Attorney Marc Weisner, The way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any condition.I am very grateful for their excellent Job, Marc took all the worry for my shoulders on my case very quickly and was very happy with the results, I would highly recommend Law offices of Bo Katzakian great Service for Everyone.


Caring and knowledgeable
I spoke to Marc about my worker’s comp claim and he was very clear and articulate with my options to present to the insurance company. He spent quite a bit of time with me to talk me through the process and explained parts of the doctor’s report to me which I didn’t understand. I would hire Marc to respresent me in any legal action. He cares about how you feel and are treated by an insurance company.


Review for Marc Wiesner
Marc Wiesner resolved my worker’s comp case in a professional and caring manner. He always answered my email questions thoughtfully and explained concepts I was confused about. I have spoken with another of Marc’s clients and he went out of his way to sing his praises! Thanks again Marc for your help.


I couldn’t have gotten a better attorney then Mr. Wiesner. He is professional at its best. Giving me updates and suggestions on what he thinks at your best interest. Even after the case is done he went above and beyond to do more, when he didn’t have to. He is the attorney you want by your side!!


I would recommend Marc Weisner to anyone who needs an honest and a hardworking attorney!
I would definitely recommend Marc Weisner for his excellent communication skills, knowledge, professionalism, and great results! Six years ago, during my first industrial injury, I wasn’t represented by an attorney; therefore, I’ve gotten nothing but living in pain for the rest of my life. Having Marc taking care of my second injury gave me not only peace of mind but also an excellent outcome! Marc went above and beyond by transferring me to a right doctor, pushing my hard to work with adjuster to approve extra treatments, and negotiating for a just case closing!


I’d like to personally thank you for being a calming voice in the workers comp storm. You were amazing with your knowledge and patience through out my 6 year process dealing with the legal side of my case. Your availability was great and your overall compassion for what I was dealing with was always gracious. I thank you sir!


First I want to thank Tim English with Wiesner English, P.C. for stepping in to represent me in my work injury when I needed it the most. Tim is an excellent guy when it comes to getting clarity. He is upfront and tells you how it is without sugar coating it so you can ultimately make the best decision for you and your family. I am not the type to leave reviews but I wanted to share my experience so that maybe one day he can help you through a tough time like he did with me. What stood out to me the most is Tim’s integrity because through this whole process he’s been accurate, honest, and truthful through his actions. Thanks again Tim I really do appreciate it!


Tim was extremely knowledgeable in my Union Workers comp case. He knows how to fight a case at any angle due to his wealth of knowledge, experience, patience and resources. He was always able to answer all my questions and explain the details of the case in way i can understand. Walking away from this unfortunate incident Tim truly put in the work for me to ensure I was not only covered financially but all my medical, insurance and any union matters are handled correctly.


All I can say is, God is good for sending an attourney who cared about my injuries, and mental well being. Tim did an amazing job on my workers comp case getting me a settlement for my injuries. He encourage me through my long process with the State of California. He explained everything thoroughly. Tim is a good man, an EXCELLENT ATTOURNEY. I recommend him highly.


I tried handling my work comp case but was quickly overwhelmed. I’m glad Tim was able to take my case. Tim got me to see the right doctor’s and I was finally able to get the treatment and surgery I needed. He kept me informed on my case and alway answered my questions. I highly recommend Tim to anyone.


My name is Denis., Tim was presenting me and he did amazing job in my workers camp case. When we first time met he knew everything and so much informative that helped me so much in the future. I was impressed about his knowledge with WC. I am highly recommending him to anyone. Good luck and thank you Tim!!!


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